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10 Dont’s in your job application and CV

donts in your application and CV
donts in your application and CV

There are alot of things that you should include in your job application to help the employer make a better decision about you, but there are also a list of things that will limit your chances of being picked for the job. Read on…

1. Discussing Religion: This is a very controversial topic that raises a lot of arguments and emotions and as such it is best left out of your job discussions. Only talk about this when you are asked about this and be very brief and minimal in your response.

2.  What you hated about your last job: Bad experiences in your last job should not be listed in your CV or talked about during the job interview. You should always try to present everything in a positive light, don’t go on a rant disclosing all bad things that happened whiles you were working at some other place.  Explain rather that you want to work for the current company granting the interview because they are offering an environment where you feel you can grow in.

3. Lying about past job positions: If you haven’t worked in a particular company or even in a particular position please do not list it in your CV as you will be found out. Most employers do a background check and you will be found out later. Be honest and truthful.

4. Very Bad Grammar and Spelling Mistakes: Bad grammar absolutely does not belong on a CV. It shows that you are careless, lazy, uneducated and don’t care enough about the job to pay attention to detail. Even If you think you have great grammar skills, it is always best to have someone else  go over your CV just to be sure.

5. Past Criminal Record: While it’s generally best to be honest, adding criminal record is a sure way to get disqualified before you are granted an interview.  If the employer has questions on such, they will ask during the interview.

6. A straight salary request: Try to avoid asking for straight salaries if you can avoid it, if you are asked you can state a range and ask for the  offer of the company as well and negotiate from that point.

7. Detailed Information about your family members: Always try to keep family information out of the CV and only answer when you are asked in a job interview.

8. Sexual Preference: Your sexual preference has no relevance on your CV. leave it out

9. Political affiliations : Politics is also a controversial and emotional topics that brings alot of back and forth. Leave it out.

10.Your Photograph:  Do not attach your photo to a CV unless you are asked to do so directly in the job vacancy advertisement.