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15 Qualities Employers Look For

qualities employers look for
qualities employers look for

With regards to  qualities employers look for, there comes a time in almost everyone’s life when one needs to get a job. At this point you start going through online job portals and every good newspaper you can find for job vacancies. You then select a list of jobs that matches your criteria and submit your CV awaiting a job interview.

After continuous job applications, the day of the job interview  eventually comes, where pleasing the employer becomes the biggest and most important factor in securing the job position.

Knowing how to please the employer will decide whether or not you make it through the job interview. In this article, i share with you 15 qualities employers look for in a job seeker.

Educational and Academic background

In seeking out candidates who qualify, The employer first sorts out CVs based on how relevant your educational background is to the job you applied for. This is a big deciding factor.

Some employers on the other hand will skip the academic relevance and look at other things you participated in whiles you were in school. This can sometimes  make up for not having the exact qualification requested. This explains why some job seekers are able to secure jobs even though they don’t have the exact academic qualification advertised.

How you present yourself

The way you present yourself on the day of the interview will make the first impressions on your employer. The first impression  helps them  form a mental image of you. It is in your own interest to make it a  positive first impression.

People make snap judgements the first time they come in contact with someone and the employer is no different. Make sure to dress very well for the interview and be very neat.

Communication Skills

We communicate daily both in written and spoken format, the written format is in your cover letter ( application letter ) and CV ( Curriculum Vitae ) and the spoken is how you express your thoughts and answer questions during the job interview. Be clear and concise. Think through every question you are asked and give a good answer well thought of. Speak out and clearly.


Your ability to solve problems and think on the spot is of great importance to the employer. No employer likes to repeat instructions or have work take too long to complete or even go undone.

Your ability to be a problem solver for the employer will always be tested, both during the job interview and on the job. Make sure to sharpen your thinking and problem solving skills.

A self-directed Individual

Employers like job candidates with a sense of purpose and one who knows what they want and don’t want out of life. Employers test for this by asking questions about your future plan and your dream job.

Positive Attitude

Cheerful and positive individuals have a way of infecting others with their cheerful nature and as such employers tend to favour candidates with such traits. Cultivate the habit of being happy, smiling and having a good sense of humour. Make a balance and don’t be serious all the time.

Have a life plan

The ability to plan is one habit of successful people. Employers seek to find job candidates who have a plan for their lives and career.

Know what they can and can’t do

The one job candidate to avoid is one who feels they can do everything. That is a clear sign of one who is overly optimistic and doesn’t assess a situation quite well before acting. Employers like one who knows what their strengths and weaknesses are.


At the work place you will be working with other employees as a team. Your ability to tolerate the lapses and inefficiencies of your other colleagues and work with them is very important.

Not breaking under pressure

In times like this where we are all multitasking and trying to do alot in a short time, your ability to work under pressure and not crack is very important. You have to develop a thick skin , employers will test for this skill during the interview.

Are you reliable ?

Having lived long enough,we have all  once had the experience of counting on someone who didn’t come true when you needed them most. At the work place, counting on unreliable employees can be very risky to the company and as such every employer tries as much as possible to sift out unreliable job candidates.

Sharpness and focus

Arriving on time for you r work hours and staying sharp and focused during those hours is also crucial. Employers usually like to find out this from your past employers. Make sure to leave a good productivity remark with past employers. Be punctual and stay sharp.

Do you take responsibility?

Employers like employees who take responsibility and are accountable for their job positions. They take their role in the company very seriously and work diligently to  produce results. They test for this by asking what other roles you have played in school apart from your academic education.

Ability to take initiative

An employee whom you have to tell everything can easily become a pain for the manager, therefore it is essential for you as an employee to be able to think independently and act without supervision.

Willingness to learn

Continuous learning is the sure path to growth.  Managers always want to hire people who have a habit of learning. Make time to read in your spare time or at least learn all you can about the company a day before you go for the job interview.


Securing a job usually goes beyond just academic qualifications. Your social skills are just as important if not more important. Continue to learn even after your formal education and continually improve on yourself. Employers will notice it in your CV and on the day of the interview.

Try applying for jobs that both match your qualification and also those that don’t. Try to attend as many interviews as possible as this increases your odds of securing a job.  I wish you the best of luck.