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The 3 Types of employment explained

types of employment
types of employment

All employment are not created equal. Many companies and businesses both  big and small choose to hire employees based on their needs. The main type of employments are full time, temporal employment, part time. I explain each below.

Full Time Employment

In a full time employment you will work for 40 – 68 hours per week. All working benefits the company offers are enjoyed by a full time employee. You are given full

wages for that weeks work and are usually paid per week, bi weekly or monthly.

Temporal or Casual employment

Temporal Employees are hired to work on an hourly, daily or weekly terms depending on the needs of the employer. Temporal employees do not receive the full employment

benefits that full time employees enjoy and as such receive a slightly higher raise in income to make up for the absence of the full employment benefits.

Part time employment

A part time employee doesn’t receive full benefits like the full time employee but does enjoy certain benefits like yearly leave but is paid based on their part time wages. Allowances and sick leave are also paid based on the part time wages.

Main Disadvantages of casual employment

1. You are not given access to paid sick leave

2. Difficulty in planning due to changing income

3. you are not given notice of termination and access to redundancy benefits

4. You are limited in  career development and workplace information .

Main Benefits of part-time employment

1. You are given a defined regular income as described on your employment terms.
2. You are given access to paid sick leave, annual leave .
3. You are able to plan based on regular income
4. You are given access notice of termination and access to redundancy benefits.

Main Difference between an employee and a contractor

1. As an employee, you   do not have full control over the task you are assigned and you usually have to follow steps given to you.
2. As an employee are not using your own tools and equipment

The main benefits of being a contractor

1. You work on your own terms you are your own boss
2. You have full control over how the job is done
3. All profits made goes to you and not someone else.

The main disadvantages of being a contractor

1. You have no sick leave and annual leave.
2. You usually work longer hours
3. You are constantly on the search for new work
4. No job and income security