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Getting hired for an internship or attachment : the best way

getting hired for an internship
getting hired for an internship

Internships are of great importance for university students especially those who are about to graduate and enter in to the job market. In preparing your CV you will need to state your internship details on the CV as employers find such information very useful and plays a crucial role in determining the success of the internship job interviews you attend.

Internships are a must for all students hoping to secure a good and high paying job. Apart from that, a student who takes on alot of internships gets a better understanding of the job field and helps you determine where you will best fit. You will gain the right experience that puts you ahead of many.

Although internships are important, the right ones are not always easy to secure. To get a lot of internship opportunities to choose from you will need to do the following.

You should start by asking your seniors who have done similar internships the contacts of the employers and those they worked right under. This will give you direct access to ask the employer questions on how to secure the same internship positions.

If your college or university has a students career center you should get yourself registered with them and request for access to their database to make selections and submit your CV to them.

There are also employment agencies that have options for internship vacancies, you can also submit your CV to such agencies. Some may be paid services whiles others maybe be free.

Family and friends can also be of great help. Let them know you are looking for an internship and the kind of companies you have in mind. They can then relay the information to their other friends and in no time you should start receiving offers.

The internet is also a great resource to research for companies that meet your criteria and apply to them directly stating that you want to intern with them.

Make sure to keep your CV updated with the necessary information that will increase the odds that you are selected for the internship. Include any new skill you  acquired in the past or if you played a major role in school activities.

There are both paid and non paid internships and going with either one will depend on which you are most comfortable with  but make sure to choose internship positions that advance you and give you an edge over others. One that gives you a lot of learning experience.