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How to impress your boss : the right way

how to impress your boss
how to impress your boss

Rating the importance of people in your life, your boss is one of the most important people in your life. Since you spend a greater amount of your day at the work place, your boss has a big influence on you. So learning to impress your boss will lead to general work happiness and success.

Trying to build a good relationship with your boss can be perceived bad by your colleagues but this shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goals. The boss and the employee relationship is usually a partnership. The better your boss does, the better you will do as well.

1. To starting impressing your boss, observe your boss long enough to determine what their top priority is, his goals, and vision for the future. Having found all you need, you can begin to work to help the boss achieve his goals in your capacity as an employee.

2. Be honest, reliable and trustworthy. You should do your best to always deliver and follow through on assignments and projects. Be committed to your work and deadlines. In doing this don’t try to be a know it all or try to do everything by yourself, be a team player and support your colleagues as well, critize less and guide more.

3. Improve your communication. Effective communication and presentation will help you get your ideas across clearly and will make you come across as a leader.

4. Be easy to deal with. When responding to requests from your boss, smile and be enthusiastic, offer relevant options and ask good questions.

5. Work smart. Find out what you are really good at and find ways to make use of it at the work place to help the boss reach their daily objectives.

6. Make life easy for your boss. Offer real solutions to problems that arise and try to take more responsibility when you can and when you are capable of delivering.

In conclusion, find out what makes your boss tick , demonstrate loyalty, call out problems and solve them. Always be prepared to go the extra mile.