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Life after school

life after school
life after school

Life after school in times like this comes with a lot of uncertainties and disappointments. In this article i give you tips on the realities and hard facts of life after school.

Prepare for Real Life

Academic knowledge alone is not enough to make you succeed after school. You have to take steps to prepare and build a network with people. It always takes a prepared person to spot and maximize opportunities in the current world. The things that worked some years ago quickly get obsolete , staying on top of things comes with understanding the harsh reality that life and the world at large changes constantly. Don’t be left behind. Be Prepared.

Widen Your Knowledge Base

The old days of I studied Maths in school and know nothing about psychology , finance or marketing is far gone. Read wide and gather as much experience and knowledge in different fields. In doing this you will sharpen your understanding. Go online a lot and read on both current and old articles on various topics . You can also buy books or even borrow from the library to widen your knowledge base.

Be bold and take a risk

The key to new experiences and getting a feel of how things really work. Try starting projects on the side and seeing how it goes. In doing so you will build critical experience for the future. Take a risk and build confidence in yourself. You will get used to thinking on your own and taking initiative.

Network and build positive relationships

Building a network of people who are trustworthy and reliable does matter. Relationships open doors and being around positive, successful people can increase your chances of getting a gig or being introduced to a friend of a friend who can be of great value to you in the future. Always be around people who will challenge your thinking and mentor you in the right direction.

Pay Attention to emerging trends and opportunities

Being blind to current trends can leave you doing things that no longer work in the current world. Learn to pay close to current and emerging trends in the market place and come up with plans to take advantage of it.


Today’s world is a very different playing ground and you need to know a lot more to be able to succeed. Success comes only to the prepared. There is no better way to be prepared than to be well informed and have a lot of wide experience. Read Wide and try out new things.