Inventory Software for Ghana - Britsoft Solutions

How To Buy This Software

You first pay the setup fee so we setup the software on your business name as a domain name, so for example if your business name is Top Shoes Limited then we buy the domain name ( and then setup the software on it for you so you can access it and start using it.

We do the training after the setup, all of this is done online with a remote assistant software.

Every month you pay the monthly fee to continue using the software.

To have the software setup for you please do whatsapp or call : 0264622310

Payment is made by MTN Mobile Money

Advantages of using our software

* Your software data is not lost when your PC crashes , burns or is stolen. Your data is 100% protected and safe.

* You don't need to buy extra computers, servers or routers to have the software setup for you.

* Power outages doesn't affect the software as it runs online.

* Customizations and changes that you want done can be made instantly for you. So this eliminates waiting for our IT person to come to your premises to makes changes for you.

* You can access the software from anywhere even after work hours.

* Routine Maintenance is done automatically