Top Software Development Company in Ghana

Top Software Development Company in Ghana

We at Britsoft Ghana help to create software that conforms with the way your business operates currently, instead of changing your business to conform to an already made software. Every business is different and as such your software should be too.

Existing software may be close to what you need, but not exactly right for all of your critical features. You may also end up paying for a lot of features you don’t need or will never use.

Software that is specifically tailored to the way your business works naturally provides the least friction and the biggest leverage for your operations. It amplifies your unique operational efficiencies and tactics for best effect, thus becoming a strategic advantage over time.

We partner with you to develop custom made software that works just the way you want it…Our processes and systems here in Ghana are a little different from other countries and as such software made for a foreign market won’t work as well as it should here…

We develop software that works on the local market…

Our Products

Our Products

School management software for Ghana that allows you to:

i. Manage Students Information Class By Class

ii. Know the current arrears , current bills, Payments Made, Credit Balance of Each student

iii. Add Fee Items to create a Bill for each term & apply the created bill to students class by class.

iv. And many more features

i. Inventory Software that helps you Know the current stock of your products at your warehouse and all your stores and shops,

ii. Input Sales and Record Sales and generates reports on items sold and by which customer

iii. Add and Manage Customer Information With Records of Items Sold to them

and many more.