Sales and Inventory Software

Know your Stock at a Glance

Know the current stock of all your products in your warehouse, stores and Shops at One or Multiple locations.

Record every Sale Made.

All Orders made for products can be recorded for later reference. you can assign one or multiple cashiers to enter every sale made and that is deducted from the stock for that Shop.

Access from Anywhere.

You can access the software 24/7 to perform any function. You can also manage multiple stores and warehouses from one software.

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Admin Login

Username: admin

Password: admin

Store Manager / Warehouse Manager:

Username: storemanager

Password: admin

Cashier / Shop Keeper

Username: cashier

Password: admin

Note: Most of the Delete buttons have been disabled for demo purposes.

Why you should use this software.

Because it was built in Ghana, it can easily be customized to meet the needs of your business operations.

Our sales and inventory software help you do the following:

  • Keep record of your stock for each product in your warehouse ( main storage ) and your stores.
  • Enter record of every sale made and the time it was made.
  • Know whether a product was sold at retail price or wholesale price.
  • Transfer stock from warehouse to shops.
  • Know How much you have made that day.
  • Manage your Suppliers Information and purchases made from them.
  • Monitor all your warehouse depots and stores activities.
  • Alerts when you are running low on stock.
  • Keeps records of returned products.
  • If you have sales people you can also track how much they are selling.
  • Generate reports on items sold and to whom and at what time in real time.
  • Using the sales and inventory Software, the software records can then be compared with that of store to make sure everything is accounted for at all times.

    Our sales and inventory Software will help you do this and more.


Our Pricing
Whatsapp or call 0264622310 for pricing

How to Buy

We have two options for Buying. You can buy either the online version or the offline version. Each has a different price.

1. For online setup , we set it up using your business name. You can then start using the software anywhere you are.

It takes 1 - 2 Hours to have it setup and ready for your use.

2. For Offline Setup. We will have to schedule a day to come to your business premises to do the setup for you on your computer(s).

You can whatsapp or call on 0264622310 or email to request so we have it ready for you.


  • Software Setup for your Business.
  • Training for the Software after Setup.
  • Support from us anytime you need it.
  • Faster Customer Service.
  • Customization Services for certain features you might want in the future.

Advantages of using the Software Online.

1. Your software data is not lost when your PC crashes , burns or is stolen. Your data is 100% protected and safe.

2. You don't need to buy extra computers, servers or routers to have the software setup for you.

3. Power outages doesn't affect the software as it runs online.

4. Allows you to work from anywhere. You can log on from anywhere in the world and get the data you need to do your job.

5. Easy collaboration between you the admin, store manager and cashier or store keeper. Each performs different functions separately.

4. Customizations and changes that you want done can be made instantly for you. So this eliminates waiting for our IT person to come to your premises to makes changes for you.

5. You can access the software from anywhere even after work hours.

6. Routine Maintenance is done automatically .

7. Easy to manage multiple stores and shops..

8. Always up to date.

9. Faster Customer Service from us.

How the software works - Work Flow

  • The admin has all the options available in the software.
  • The admin can add multiple stores, products, product category, suppliers, and users such as store managers and Cashiers.and many more.
  • Each account type has a different menu available to them and the functions they can perform.
  • You can create product categories and then add products under each category.
  • Purchases made from suppliers for each product can be added (under Suppliers> Purchase from Suppliers) and the stock once entered is added to the main storage stock of that product.
  • The admin can transfer the stock of a product from the main storage to a store or stores, depending on the number of stores you enter under 'Manage Stores". Once done the stock is deducted from the main storage and credited to the selected the store.
  • Stock data is managed under "Stock and Inventory" and products under "Manage Products".
  • Admin can edit stock but not the store manager or cashier.
  • Orders for each product can be entered under "Sales" and the order is recorded and deducted from the stock of the store that was selected.
  • You can select either retail or wholesale price for each order.
  • The store manager has access to stock details and can also enter sales made.
  • The cashier can enter sales made for each product. The store for that cashier has to be assigned by admin under "Manage Users > Add / View Cashier users".
  • Sales Made by your Sales Persons on or off the shop premises can also be entered for them.
  • You can try all this by logging into the online demo.

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