We at Britsoft Ghana help to create software that conforms with the way your business operates currently.

Software that is specifically tailored to the way your business works naturally and provides the least friction and the biggest leverage for your operations.

It amplifies your unique operational efficiencies and tactics for best effect, thus becoming a strategic advantage over time.

We partner with you to develop custom made software that works just the way you want it.

Our Products

School Software

School management software for Ghana that allows you to:

Manage Students Information Class By Class , Make School fees payment for each student and generate receipts for payment made, Know the current arrears , current bills, Payments Made, Credit Balance of Each student and many more.

Sales & Inventory Software

Sales and Inventory software for Ghana that allows you to:

Keep record of every sale made and the time it was made, Keep records of which customer bought what and how much they paid. Know at a glance your current stock for each product in your warehouse and stores and shops and many more.

Shop Management Software

Our Shop Management Software helps you to manage your Sales and inventory for all kinds of products in your Shop. It is easy to Customize to fit your business needs, because it was created by us here in Ghana.

Inventory Management System

Our Inventory Management Software Helps you to manage your inventory for all kinds of products. It is Easy to Customize to fit your business needs, because it was created by us here in Ghana.

Our Services

Custom Software Development for Small Businesses

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    a fully functional software product

  • #

    quick work around time to meet your deadlines with streamlined processes and tools

  • #

    working around gaps in software product requirements

  • #

    quality assurance at every stage of software development

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    continuous relevance of your software product

Custom Software Development for Big Businesses

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    a dedicated team for long-term relationship and collaborations

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    adjustment of our team to help your business processes and tools

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    effective work and communication with your staff

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    a project manager who ensures quick work around timelines. problem-solving

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    simple integration of software product with your business processes

Let’s start a beautiful and long term relationship.