School Management Software For Schools in Ghana.

Many schools in Ghana are using our School Software to manage their school Activities.

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What The School Software Does For You !

  The School Software does the following:

  • Student Records -: Manage Student Admission, Student List, Student Attendance, Promote, Reports, etc.
  • Fees Creation and Collection -: Add Fee Items, create Fees Groups, Apply to Students and Classes, Add Fines, Discounts, and Generate Receipts and Invoices, plus many more
  • Previous Fees Owed Migration-:  You can easily add the previous fees owed by the student before you started using the software and this goes then to add to the new bill that you create with the software.
  • Academics -: Create Subjects, Class Time Table , Subject assign, Teacher assign , Manage Subject etc.
  • Exams and Exam Reports -: Create Exams, Exam Timetables, Enter Exams Marks and Generate Tabulation Sheets and Terminal Reports for exams, create your own grade range & assessment headings like (classwork, class test, mid term exams etc) for your school.
  • Terminal Report Cards -:  Generate and Print Report Cards with Class Positions and Subject Positions, Grades, Remarks automatically Generated, Just enter the marks and generate the report card for your students...Parents and Students Can also access it.
  • Hr & Payroll -: Staff (Directory, Attendance, Reports) Payroll Designation Department and more .
  • Simple Accounting -: Profit, Income, Expense Entries & Reports, Balance Sheet, Student Payments Reports etc.
  • Generate Reports -: Class reports, student’s reports, Progress card, Attendant reports and many more.
  • SMS Options: For Sending SMS messages to parents, Students, Staff and many more. Set triggers such as send sms for fees payment, announcements etc.
  • System Settings: Create Roles and Access Permissions for your staff where you can select functions they can have access to and and what they can't have access to etc.

Try Our Demo For Free

We have a demo available online for you to login and try the software for yourself.

Pricing Breakdown

  • Online Pricing
  • Initial Online Setup
  • GH¢ 990
  • Online Server Fee
  • GH¢ 990 Yearly Server Fee
  • Payment Terms
  • Pay Setup fee to Setup then after two weeks of usage you pay the yearly server fee
  • Price Includes
  • Online Setup, Online Training and Remote Online Support anytime you need it.

How To Buy The School Software

Online Setup (Cloud Based):

To start using the software online for your school, please whatsapp / call and let us know the name of your school. We will set up the school software online using your school name in this unique link format ( and then send you the login details via email. You can then use your unique link and login details to login and create accounts for your staff, parents and Students to have access to the online software.

Note: The online setup is done online and doesn't require our physical presence at your school. The training is also done online after the setup of the software. You can request for setup from anywhere you are in the country, distance shouldn't be a barrier since it's online.

To Request for setup please whatsapp or call us on 026 462 2310 .

Payment is via Mobile Money.

Advantages of using the Software Online.

1. Your software data is not lost when your PC crashes , burns or is stolen. Your data is 100% protected and safe.

2. You don't need to buy extra computers, servers or routers to have the software setup for you.

3. Power outages doesn't affect the software as it runs online.

4. Allows you to work from anywhere. You can log on from anywhere in the world and get the data you need to do your job.

5. Easy collaboration between you the admin, Headteacher, accountant and Teachers. Each performs different functions separately.

6. Customizations and changes that you want done can be done instantly for you. So this eliminates waiting for our IT person to come to your premises to makes changes for you.

7. You can access the software from anywhere even after work hours.

8. Routine Maintenance is done automatically .

9. Easy to manage multiple accounts..

10. Always up to date.

11. Faster Customer Service from us.

Few Snapshots of Software

Terminal Report Card Generated by Software

Bills and Fees Collection

Debtors List by Class

and many more features...Login to Free Demo or Watch Video to see the other features of the software


Phone / Whatsapp:

0264 622 310   

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