Purchase Management Software  in Ghana to Fit Your Business  (Multi-branch)

Because every business is different in Ghana, we have built a software that works for all type of  products in Ghana. It works with any product type and very good for both wholesalers and retailers.

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What The Purchase Management Software Does For You !

  The Inventory Management Software does the following:

  •  It  has highly useful features that are needed by any business, which has to buy raw material for manufacturing or finished good purchases for trading..
  •  Our Purchase Management can enter supplier bills, reconcile with purchase orders or goods receipts, bill charges could be allocated for computation of landed cost of items.
  • Manage item list with many extended attributes inherited from item: image, item code, barcode, purchase price.
  •  Manage Purchase Order from Vendors, manage payment progress on this order, support reminders, make notes and attach documents related to this order.
  • Create tasks and assign them to employees on Purchase Quotation and Purchase Order.
  • Add quotation, convert them to sales or purchase order with download as pdf option.

Try Our Demos For Free

You can login to our free demo and test the software for your self right now!

Pricing Breakdown

  • Online Pricing
  • Initial Setup Cost
  • FREE. No Setup Cost.
  • Yearly Server Fees
  • GH¢ 799
  • Payment Terms
  • No Setup Cost. Just Pay for the Online Server Fees

How To Buy The  Software

To start using the software online for your shop(s), just tell us the name you want to use and we will set it up using your shop name in this format (ShopNameSoftware.com) and then send you the login details via email.

You can then start using it online and access it from anywhere you are. It is fast and convenient.

To Request for setup please whatsapp or call us on 026 462 2310 .

Advantages of using the Software Online.

1. Your software data is not lost when your PC crashes , burns or is stolen. Your data is 100% protected and safe.

2. You don't need to buy extra computers, servers or routers to have the software setup for you.

3. Power outages doesn't affect the software as it runs online.

4. Allows you to work from anywhere. You can log on from anywhere in the world and get the data you need to do your job.

5. Easy collaboration between you the admin and shopkeeper or cashier. Each performs different functions separately.

6. Customizations and changes that you want done can be done instantly for you. So this eliminates waiting for our IT person to come to your premises to makes changes for you.

7. You can access the software from anywhere even after work hours.

8. Routine Maintenance is done automatically .

9. Easy to manage multiple accounts..

10. Always up to date.

11. Faster Customer Service from us.



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