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Easiest way to whitelist email sender or domain name in yahoo mail

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We all have experienced the confusing state where very essential mails end up in the junk mail and spam messages come directly to our inbox. It usually has to do with email filters that are built into the email servers. There are options given by the email services to either whitelist of black list an email. in this article i teach you how to whitelist an email or domain name so all your important emails appear in your inbox.

So What is White list in email?

A white list is a list of email contacts that you add manually telling your server that the senders of the email are important and anytime they send a message the server should let it through to your inbox.

How to whitelist and email or domain name in yahoo mail

1. The easiest way to do this is to go through your junk mail and select the emails that you want to appear in your inbox and click on the not spam option or icon. And this will automatically whitelist them. The problem with this method is that you can only do it for already sent email that have hit your junk inbox. But if you are yet to receive the email then this might not be the best method.

2. To whitelist before the email is sent by the sender you have to create a filter in yahoo mail. To do that click on Mail options , select filters and then create new filter using the email of the sender, the domain name or some text in the email that you are expecting and then save. You have whitelisted the email or domain name.

The first option is much easier to do especially when you have been receiving the emails already in your spam box, the second requires you to be a little techy, but the steps in this article if you follow it is enough to get the job done.