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How to apply for a job : the best way

How to apply for a job
How to apply for a job

Success always leaves tracks, applying for a job always follows a success formula that others have used to get the results they wanted. In this article i teach you how

to use a structured approach to get the job you want. For alot of you, taking a step by step approach to applying for a job appears to be a great idea. For others it might sound like too much work, just send your CV and hope for the best – but doing this will reduce your chances of securing the job. Better to put in a little work to increase your chances of success.

In order to come up at the top you have to stand out, you won’t get much results by doing the same thing everyone is doing. You need to do things differently. Many times being the successful job candidate is all about beating the odds.

Over the years research has shown that over 60% of job searchers found their long desired jobs through networking. By networking we mean attending trade shows, talking to employees of certain companies, volunteering to assist with certain promotions and projects that most companies run from time to time, talking to friends and family about your job search etc.

You have to pay attention to your CV and Application letters and make sure they are well formatted and updated. One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make when applying for a job is sending out a poorly done CV.

Also make sure to prepare an application letter template that you can always edit based on the job you are applying for. Do not send the same application letter without editing it to fit the company you are applying to.

Be prepared for a job interview, you can try to practice alone or even with the help of friends. Research enough about the company before you go for the interview, If you think you can apply for a job and come in for an interview unprepared then you are really wasting your time and resources.

Most job interviews involve more than just an academic conversation with the employer to see if you are qualified for the job. Every other detail is important including your social skills, how you dress for the interview, your arrival time and a few others.

To conclude i have listed the simple steps you need to follow to maximize your chances of getting a job.

1. Determine your career path and where you want to start from
2. Do some research on companies that will offer you the opportunity to grow in your selected career path
3. Start Networking and looking up job portals
4. Prepare an effective application Letter and CV
5. Prepare fully for every Job Interview opportunity you get
6. Do your best at the interview and answer questions wisely
7. Attend as many interviews as possible to increase your odds
8. Be consistent and persistent in your job search