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Tips for preparing a CV: the easiest way

tips for preparing a CV
tips for preparing a CV

Creating your own Curriculum Vitae can sometimes be a little confusing, with the many layout options to choose from and what to include and exclude in the CV.

A CV is very vital to securing a job and also moving up the income ladder so taking the time to prepare a winning CV can be the best decision you ever take in your career.

A CV isĀ  a brief account and description of your education, qualifications and previous occupations, usually sent with a job application..

To Prepare your CV, follow the steps below.

1. A clean and professional presentation of the CV is key. Make sure that your CV is printed on a white, good quality paper, use a clean typeface and don’t go smaller than 12 point.

2. Use of sub-headings such as My Personal profile, Educational Background, Work history, Education etc. This helps the reader to know where to look for what.

3. LeaveĀ  clear spaces between the sub headings for easy reading and reference.

4. Add your name, address and phone numbers at the start of the CV document.

5. Starting with your present or most recent employer, state clearly your employment history. Also list your professional qualifications.

6. Make sure to list your achievements whiles you were in school. If you participated in other activities in school were you played the role of a leader or made a great impact you should also list that and expand on it.

7. Be honest. Always state what is true. don’t try to make up anything that is misleading or a lie.